I am a 34 year old , mother of 5 amazing children. Photography has been a passion of mine since aI was a child. In Though I recently graduated college, obtaining my degree in Business, my love has always been for the Arts. Photography, painting and poetry, doing what I love is a great joy, I thought I had lost with the losing of my Dad and a house fire, right after my youngest was born, exact day to the year of my Dad's death. Something in me woke, realizing I only get to live once, why not do what I love as much as possible. With a new outlook on life, a degree and skills to market my work, I am looking forward to each shot tomorrow may bring. I like my photography like I enjoy my music, a wide variety of styles and artists, From nature and children, to abstract and edited, I have fun working a little bit of everything. Memories are not posed, they are captured and the greatest gift a photographer has, is the ability to freeze time.